Our Products

In addition to handling the raw materials,
Daisei proposes a wide range of processed
for elderly facilities, mass retailers,
and school lunches.

Raw Material

  • Horse mackerel

    It is sold for food products in processors and aquariums.

  • Sardine

    It is a raw material for processing for processors and sardines mentaiko. We also sell food for loading on tuna boats.

  • Mackerel

    We export from Choshi to Nigeria, Ghana, Vietnam, Egypt and Canada by container. We mainly sell to trading companies.

  • Saury

    It is sold to consignees nationwide. In addition, the consignee will sell to the wholesaler. There are also for processors, tsukudani, and thawing companies.


  • Fillet-chunk

    Fillet, chunk of salmon mackerel etc.

  • Fillet

    There are plenty of boned fillet or belly-boned fillet such as Mackerel.Sawara cypress and pacific cod and etc.

  • Cut in round Slices

    It is cut Saury and Sardines in round slices and useful for boiling fish processing.Intetnal organs are carefully removed.

  • Cut-open

    There are various sizes of cut-open such as Saury and Sardines that are often used for school meals.

  • Cut in chunks(Dice)

    It is cut squid strips and salmon in chunks and it is easy to use for various dishes.

  • Small fish

    Small fish can be eatable with the whole bones such as Shishamo fish and sandfish which are good ingredients for calcium reinforcement.

Fish Products

3 features of our products
  • Easy to cook

    Only put in boiling hot water because it is already seasoned and heated up. Since you can choose from 1 piece, 5 pieces, or 10 pieces of cuts, it is possible to cook more than one person at the same time in a busy morning time. Because of this, it can contribute to “Reduction of labor cost for cooking staff”“Easy to cook even by nursing staff” “Stress reduction of staff”

  • Hard to harden even when it cools down

    When preparing for several people, the cooked ones in the beginning wll become cold and hard.However Daisei products do not become hard and can keep softness for a long time by our own manufacturing method. So, horse mackerel which usually becomes hard can also be soft to eat.

  • Abundant seasoning

    We can season Japanese style. There is also Western style seasoned to match breakfast bread, and fried product in oil for dinner. In addition, new products will be developed in the future so we can make suggestions to meet your expectations. If you are interested, please contact us.

Products list
  • Boiled sardines
    and ginger

    By pressurizing the sardines, the whole bones can be eaten.You can get a lot of calcium. Seasoning with ginger improves lifestyle-related habits and immunity, and makes you less likely to catch colds and flu.

  • Grilled Redfish with
    yuzu salt

    Bake in a sauce that mixes yuzu juice and salt. Not only the appearance but also the taste is elegantly finished. have fun.

  • white fish pikata

    Eggs mixed with light white fish and cheese were entwined and baked. You can eat it as it is with plenty of volume, but you can eat it even more deliciously by adding ketchup or mayonnaise.

  • Spanish mackerel

    Because it is high in protein and rich in vitamins, it works to recover from fatigue and improve immunity. It is recommended for children and the elderly because it is soft and easy to digest. In addition, Saikyo Miso has the lowest salt concentration of any miso and is expected to prevent arteriosclerosis and lifestyle-related diseases.