Corporate Profile


We aim to be a company that proposes products that customers want and
employees feel rewarding.
President, DAISEI CO., LTD.

Company Policy

Company PolicyThe Company Spirit
“HouonSyatoku -Repaying our blessings in gratitude-”

We alone are not responsible for who we are, as a company or as individuals.
Who we are is thanks to those around us.
In a spirit of gratitude, we work to repay the blessings we have received.

Management Philosophy-Company Objectives-

Contribute to the creation and development of Japanese food culture,
and thereby pursue both material and mental well-being
for all employees

By proposing, providing, and promoting products suited to the ever-changing food culture, we as a company continue to be an essential presence that contributes to society, is beneficial to our customers, and provides a sense of satisfaction to our employees.

Guiding Principles-Employee Mindset-
  • HonestyBuild relationships of trust by sincerely putting customers first.
  • GratitudeRemember the basics: Say “thank you” more than any other company in Japan.
  • ChallengeWe will continue to undertake challenges under the belief that “we can do it.”
  • HarmonyExpand our circle of harmony throughout the entire world.
  • EnjoymentEstablish clear targets to enjoy a sense of accomplishment.
Behavioral Guidelines-Employee Behavior-
  • 1Be courteous

    First impressions matter. Our customers must have solid trust in us for business between us to begin.
    We aspire to effortlessly look professional, be polite, and be respectful.

  • 2Customer-oriented mindset

    We want to benefit others, not seek to receive something.
    Continuous speech and action focused on benefiting others will eventually come back to benefit us.

  • 3Thinking one step ahead

    We want to always be thinking about what comes next, not the immediate present.
    Do not stop merely at what was requested; go one step further and add more.

  • 4Effective time management

    We are all given the same amount of time. What sets us apart from others is how we use that time.
    Time can be made in many different ways.

  • 5Health-consciousness

    To do good work, we must remain healthy. We also need the courage to take time off
    from work if we are not healthy.


June 2013 Established Daisei Corporation
Nov. 2014 Launched frozen fish export to Southeast Asia and Africa countries
Nov. 2014 Commencement of production of mackerel fillets, for mass merchandisers at cooperating
Feb. 2016 Established the Saitama branch
Feb. 2017 Launched sales of simmered fish, grilled fish for elderly facilities
Oct. 2019 Launched sales of simmered fish, grilled fish “BIMISAIGYO” for overseas
Nov. 2019 Exhibited for the first time at “Japan’s Food Purchasing” Show
Aug. 2020 Opened our own online shopping site
Nov. 2020 Achieved 1000 followers on Instagram!
Nov. 2021 Opened “Fish Marche Uokko” held once a month!

Company profile

Company name Daisei Corporation

Head office
〒288-0002 2-2-260 2F, Myojincho, Choshi city, Chiba Prefecture
TEL: 0479-21-3111 FAX: 0479-21-3113

Saitama Branch
〒330-0063 3-17-21 Takasago Musashi Bld 202, urawa district,
Saitama-city,Saitama Prefecture
TEL:048-767-3941 FAX:048-767-3945

Business contents Import of frozen marine products, processing, sales
Line of products Raw Material: mackerel, pacific saury, sardine, horse mackerel etc.
other frozen fish in general
Products: Norway mackerel fillet, domestic mackerel fillet, domestic salted mackerel,fillets in general,seasoned fish, grilled fish, simmered fish
Establish-ment June 6, 2013
Capital 10 million yen
Represen-tative Atsushi Kamijo
Bank Chiba Bank, Choshi Shinkin Bank
Associated company Daikokuya Ice Co., Ltd.
Main supplier Tsuruhachi Co., Ltd., Toyota tsusho Foods Co., Ltd., Daikokuya Co., Ltd., Miuraya Co., Ltd.,
Sanyo Co., Ltd., other major port wholesalers
Main customer Tsukiji central wholesalers,
nationwide local wholesalers,
business food wholesaler, overseas export etc.

  • Head office

  • Saitama Branch





  • 1計画期間 2019年4月1日~2024年3月31日までの5年間
  • 2内容
目標1 計画期間内に、育児休業の取得率を次の水準以上にする。
対策1 ●2019年4月~ 制度に関するチラシ作成及びパンフレットによる周知
●2019年4月~ 育児休業の取得希望者を対象とした説明会の実施
目標2 全社員の有給休暇の取得を促進し、年間平均60%/人以上とする。
対策2 ●2019年5月~ 年次有給休暇の取得状況について実態を把握
●2019年6月~ 平均取得状況を公開し、促進を図る
目標3 フレックスタイム制度を導入する。
対策3 ●2019年9月~ 社員のニーズの把握、検討開始
●2020年6月~ 制度導入
●2020年6月~ 社内メールによる社員へのフレックスタイム制度の周知


  • Head office
    〒288-0002 2-2-260 2F, Myojincho,
    Choshi city, Chiba Prefecture
    TEL:0479-21-3111 FAX:0479-21-3113
  • Saitama Branch
    3-17-21 Takasago Musashi Bld 202,
    urawa district, Saitama-city,
    Saitama Prefecture
    TEL:048-767-3941 FAX:048-767-3945