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About dealing with personal information

About dealing with personal information
When you make an inquiry on this website, you will enter personal information, but we will strictly manage personal information to prevent loss, tampering and leakage of information. In addition, although these information are used to improve our service, we will not disclose to third parties without your consent.

We recognize the importance of personal information, pay close attention to handling, we are implementing the following initiatives.

※Personal information of customer can be identified with combination of name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address etc.

Information management system

We will place responsible persons in handling information concerning individual customers and manage them appropriately.

Purpose of using personal information

We will use the personal information that we have kept for contacting you and for responding / providing information.

・For responses to questions and inquiries
・Sending information on new products, latest information, events. For guidance and sales activities
・For reply to send a brochure.

Personal information protection efforts

Human management efforts

We will comply with the laws and regulations applicable to personal information held by the Company, and we will review and improve our efforts according to the Personal Information Protection Act as necessary.

Device management efforts

We will safely keep it on a server that has taken appropriate protection measures and try not to cause unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage.

About providing information to third parties

As a general rule, we will not provide, disclose, etc. to third parties other than our affiliated company with customer’s consent. Also, we will oblige the succeeding parties of related business to manage properly so as not to leak or re-offer personal information. However, regarding the following, we may use it under proper judgment.

Based on laws and regulations

If we are forced to provide information to third parties from courts, administrative organs, regulatory authorities or other public agencies due to legal basis and public interest, there is no reasonable reason to refuse to offer, In case it is difficult to obtain consent from the customer, we may disclose customer information.

About truth and unauthorized handling of personal information

We will take appropriate measures or take legal measures acts action that interfere with personal information and cause damage to other customers.

・The information you input is false information and the purpose is malignant.

・When information is stolen / leaked / tampered by deviant behavior that deviates beyond our management.


Use of this website is at your own risk. We carefully prepare and manage information posted on this website,
but we do not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, completeness etc of these information at all. In addition,
contents may be changed or deleted without prior notice. Please be forewarned.