Daisei’s structure flow


Simmered fish and grilled fish products for the elderly persons.

3 benefits of introduction

Easy to cook

Easy to cook

Only put in boiling hot water because it is already seasoned and heated up.
Since you can choose from 1piece, 5pieces or 10pieces per pack, at the same time in a busy morning time.
Because of this, it can contribute to 「Reduce personnel expenses」 「Stress reduction of staff」 「Reduce cooking time」.

Hard to harden even when it cools down

It does not become hard even when it cools down

When preparing for several people, the cooked ones in the beginning wll become cold and hard.
However Daisei products do not become hard and can keep softness for a long time by our own manufacturing method.
So, horse mackerel which usually becomes hard can also be soft to eat.

Abundant seasoning

Abundant seasoning

We can season Japanese style.
There is also Western style seasoned to match breakfast bread, and fried product in oil for dinner.

In addition, new products will be developed in the future so we can make suggestions to meet your expectations.
If you are interested, please contact us.

※ We are also handling raw materials, fillets etc. for “school meal”, “industrial meal” and “lunch box”.

If you are interested, please contact us.