Customer of overseas, trading company processed food

  • Boiled Mackerel -Miso Taste- 100g×2P

    Simmered no-bones mackerel with Miso.Very easy to cook.

    Standard 100g×2P

  • Boiled Mackerel -Soy Sauce Taste- 100g×2P

    Simmered no-bones mackerel.Very easy to cook.

    Standard 100g×2P

  • Grilled Yellowtail-TERIYAKI- 100g×2P

    No-bones yellowtail with TERIYAKI. It’s made in Japan with fat.

    Standard 100g×2P

  • Wakatake-Ni 150g×2P

    Soup-based simmered fish with bambooshoot and seaweed.

    Standard 150g×2P