Customer of processed marine products factory

  • Fillet, Chunk

    There are a plenty of autumn salmon, mackerel, fillet into 3 pieces, boned fillet and chunk.

  • Fillet

    There are plenty of boned fillet or belly-boned fillet such as Mackerel, Sawara cypress and Pacific cod and etc.

  • Cut in round slices

    It is cut Saury and Sardines in round slices and useful for boiling fish processing.
    Internal organs are carefully removed.

  • Cut-open

    There are various sizes of cut-open such as Saury and Sardines that are often used for school meals.

  • Cut in chunks(Dice)

    It is cut squid strips and salmon in chunks and it is easy to use for various dishes.

  • Small fish

    Small fish can be eatable with the whole bones such as Shishamo fish and sandfish which are good ingredients for calcium reinforcement.